Organisations and groups involved

The Plan has being drawn up by the Loose Parish Council  and members of the Steering group, but a number of other local organisations have offered invaluable expertise and financial support to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


These include:

KCC Local Council Member Eric Hotson

and his successor (due to boundary changes)

Cllr. Paulina Stockell)

Loose Amenities Association (


North Loose Residents Association (


The SMART Committee on Infrastructure issues in South Maidstone

whose 2015 report can be downloaded below






Planning consultants Feria Urbanism, who helped in the initial stages of the setting up of the Plan, have also been re-engaged on the work.

You canread the reports generated from the October 2014 Visioning Event and 3-day

Design Forum (from which the basis of the Plan was developed) using these downloads.

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